First Links to Smart Analysis


I want to share some of the websites and links  I talked about at Friends General Conference Gathering.

I could list a dozen, but let’s start with two.  Diane Ravitch’s blog is essential for daily reporting on public education and related legislation, state-level fraud and politics, and stakeholder testimonies. The ‘charter schools’ topic area features Ohio because we are on the cutting edge of really bad news in public education. If someone is hatching a plan to takeover a school, you can turn to Ohio for the playbook.

In contrast, and in the spirit of hope, I have added a website that summarizes the features and principles of strong community schools. This movement is about allocating resources, through community discernment, with the aim of equity and joy in education.

Okay. One more.  This is a link to a Washington Post column (always very good) that references a recent report on charter fraud across the U.S.  Valerie Strauss’s column is a good summary, but the report is also accessible and important to have in hand when talking about the ‘loss’ (theft) of public dollars for public education.


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