First Meeting

This blog is for everyone who cares about public education and is outraged by the disparities in resources and funding between those who live in predominately White vs. predominately Black or Brown or immigrant communities.   I hope this blog inspires you to share information and take action .

I initially started this blog in response to Friends who joined me on the 8th floor of Scott Hall on a hot Thursday evening during Friends General Conference Gathering in North Carolina, July 2015. I expected 2-3 people and 15 showed up to talk, learn, compare experiences, and begin a small revolution in Quaker involvement in public education.

Quakers have long been engaged in and honored for our history of creating equitable access to education.  Now is the time to take that legacy seriously and put it into action for a new generation of disenfranchised youth.

We can make a difference.  The racial disparities in public education are of our own making. I believe it is our responsibility to restore equity, under the care of the communities (especially the youth) who are most effected by damaging policies and misused resources.

I started this blog so we could share information along with our plans and actions for change.

Let us begin,



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