Life Inside Detroit Public Schools – YouTube

Please go to the link below the video screen to view the video.

The erosion and decay of public infrastructure reflects the equivalent increase in policies, endorsed by powerful politicians, that utterly deny our children’s rights to public life and futures.

View the video, then read Radical Possibilities by Jean Anyon.   Anyon argues that, “…macroeconomic policies regulating wages, jobs, tax rates, federal transportation, and affordable housing (among others)…create the conditions in urban areas that no existing educational policy or urban school reform can transcend. If anything, the Great Recession has cemented, in the politically powerful players, a belief in corporate sponsored reforms like educational privatization, charter schools, accountability focused on individual teachers and high stakes testing.  These also lie under the neoliberal, free-market, no-taxes-needed umbrella” p. 4

via Life Inside Detroit Public Schools – YouTube.


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