My name is Patricia Enciso. I am a longtime member of North Columbus Friends Meeting and Lake Erie Yearly Meeting. Over the past several decades I have been an educator in Central Ohio, in public elementary and middle schools, and a professor of literature and literacy education at Ohio State University.

I have always believed that public education, the most significant site for growing democracy and developing a vibrant citizenry, is an unassailable right, that must be protected and uplifted at all costs.  Today, I see Ohio’s public education system being destroyed by private profiteers and misguided state and federal policies.  And the families and youth who suffer most under these policies are, disproportionally, poor, Latino, African American, and new immigrants.  Racial disparities can be seen at every level of public education, with funding radically declining as the Ohio legislature increases funding for unregulated charter schools and voucher programs funded by taxpayers.  Outrage is a rational response to what is going on.  I want my outrage to matter.

I understand Quaker activism to be a  spirit-led, unrelenting force for creating pathways with people in the service of social equity and justice.  I offer this blog as a place for us to gather, discern, learn, and support one another in taking action. Let our outrage matter in working for public education and against racial disparities.


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